We Are A Video Production Company In Germantown, MD That Creates Video Content That Increases Conversions And Sales For Your Products And Services.

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Here's How Our Germantown, MD-Based Video Production Company Takes The Pain Out Of Creating Video Content For Your Business

Our Video Company Will Develop A Strategy

Through research and planning, we will assist you in attracting the relevant individuals, engaging them with the appropriate video content, and distributing the video for maximum visibility.

Our Video Agency Will Create A Dynamic Video

We will design a personalized video that captures the attention of your target audience, motivates them to act, and increases engagement with your products and services.

Our Video Marketing Agency Will Promote Your Video

Through social media distribution and targeted advertising, we connect your video with your audience where they are most likely to interact.

Our Video Production Company Services


A teaser or "recap" of an event can be a brief advertisement or a post-event highlight video. A live multicam stream can be used for a one-day or multiple day shoot.

Commercial And/or Ad

Any video created on the web has the potential to be a commercial if it is promoted or sponsored. Can be in a variety of forms, including written creative, documentary-style, and animated.


Technically a video of an event, but with a separate format. "Love Story" is a video recollection of the wedding day, complete with audio of speeches and vows. The livestream Multicam of an entire ceremony is available as an add-on.


Authentic storytelling based on interviews. It Is the most used format for paid video work. Because it is promotional, it is not genuinely a "documentary." AKA: News segment, Reporting, etc.

Corporate Video Production

The phrase used to refer to the majority of paid video work, however the format can be extremely variable. A "Corporate Video" can range in length from a brief, highly produced video to a lengthy training video.

Real Estate Video

A visual feast that makes use of all the bells and whistles, including Steadicam, drone, slider, timelapse, and special effects, to highlight a specific piece of real estate. Typically included as part of a picture package.

Social Media Typography

Montage of visuals, with text providing all the info. Music and narration are optional since audio is most often muted.


Numerous video forms that focus on an idea or theme rather than an organization. Frequently managed by one customer but financed by another.

Music Video

Lip sync to a recording or create a fully original film. Additionally, corporate clients want a "music video" when they want a video of a brand, product, or event without an audio narration.

Popular Video Marketing Agency Content Types We Produce:

Try Our Video Agency Services

From corporate videos to videography services and everything in between, our full-service video production company can create dynamic videos that increase awareness and engagement for your products and services.

The Digital Marketing Company of Germantown offers a comprehensive team of videographers with vast experience creating, directing, scriptwriting, filming, and editing video material. Our great video group is backed up by a network of freelance on-screen and off-screen talent. Additionally, to generate high-quality videos that assist you in achieving your business goals, we utilize the industry’s best cameras, audio equipment, and post-production tools. We will immediately procure any equipment or talent that we do not have on hand. Tell us what you require — on-location camera crews, post-production assistance, animated films, directing assistance, or screenplays – and we’ll handle the rest.